Who We Are: 
When we switched to a low carb, high protein diet, we found that cooking healthy meals at home was no problem. However, finding conveniently packaged and nutrient dense snacks that fit our lifestyle was nearly impossible. We especially loved chicken, and could never find an easy, mess-free, way to enjoy our favorite food on the go.
That's why we created Flock Chicken Crisps! Our super tasty, crispy crisps are made from 100% real chicken skins, our proprietary seasoning blend, and oil - that's it. Flock can be used as a vehicle for your favorite dipping sauces, crumbled on top of salads, added to a charcuterie board, or enjoyed straight from the bag! At Flock, we believe in thoughtfully crafted snacks that make sticking to your health goals easier, not harder.

Our Story:
What started as a simple idea for a crispy, packaged chicken skin crisps have EXPLODED into an entire line of tasty snacks including pork curls, jerky, panko "bread crumbs" and more! Today, Flock Foods is proud to be a one stop shop for all the high protein and low carb meat snacks your heart desires.

Flock isn’t just a tasty snack - it’s a responsible one, too. 
All our chicken is sourced exclusively from farmers and suppliers in Southern California who adhere to strict animal welfare standards. Producing the best snacks starts with healthy and happy animals.

How It’s Made

  1. We buy chicken skins which would in most cases be considered food waste and end up in landfills.

  2. We wok fry the skins in small batches in our US-based facilities. Flock is made as simply and as naturally as possible - no weird gelification processes, or ingredients you can’t pronounce!

  3. The crispy skins are then seasoned to perfection with our proprietary seasoning blends.

  4. After bagging the crispy snack, we box them in 32 ECT cardboard boxes - one of the lightest and most sustainable cardboard boxes on the market.

  5. Flock arrives at our customers’ doors where they promptly tear into the delicious snack - after recycling the shipping box of course! 

From start to finish, health and sustainability are at the forefront of our process.

Nearly 40% of food produced in and exported to the United States is wasted each year with most of it going to landfills. This is an unsustainable practice; one that we’re seeking to combat with Flock’s method of edible upcyclingChicken skins are a nutrient dense ingredient which have been historically overlooked and left for refuse. By utilizing this resource, we’re actively fighting against America's food waste problem and paving the way for future categories to rethink innovation and sustainability.