3 Ways to Add Some Keto Crunch to Your Thanksgiving Feast

If you’re reading this, you need to add some crunch to your Thanksgiving this year, you really do. Something that gives the dishes a little something extra. 

What better way to do it than to add some keto Chicken Skin Chips to the real showstoppers of the holiday? And no, we don’t mean the turkey, we mean the sides. And of course, can’t forget the appetizers to hold down the fort while the turkey is still hours away from being done. 

Here are three easy ways to do it. 

1) Crunch to appetizers

What’s the easiest thing you can think of for a quick dinner party snack? If you said chips and dips, then you read our mind. 

It’s easy to find good low-carb dips to lay out, it’s the chips that are harder to find, and options are usually lacking. 

Flock Chicken Skin Chips however are the best possible vessel for your Thanksgiving dip cravings. Think guac, salsa, or even better, a hot, gooey, spinach artichoke dip

2) Crunch to veggies

The traditional Thanksgiving spread typically consists of pretty heavy dishes. But, adding some vegetables into the mix always helps to brighten up the table and lighten up the stomach. 

A favorite keto veggie dish of ours is an easy green bean casserole. They’re usually made with just a few simple ingredients: green beans, mushrooms, a nice thick stock, toppings, and some spices. 

Instead of topping the casserole with fried onions this year, add in the extra crunch by crushing up some chicken chips and sprinkling them on top. Here’s our recipe for this dish.

3) Crunch to sides 

Last but certainly not least, we have the sides. Our favorite low carb option is a good ol’ mac and cheese, but with cauliflower in place of the pasta. Any recipe you’ll find for this dish usually only requires cauliflower and some keto cheese sauce. Adding the crunch of Flock chips just takes this ultimate comfort side dish to the next level. Find our favorite recipe here

Everyone has their personal MVP dish at Thanksgiving dinner, so you can take the above and add it to your personal favorites. Trust us when we say that you won’t regret adding the crunchy stuff!